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Kate | Melbourne, Australia.

Welcome to my blog. I have a love for health, wellness, fitness, food and people. I enjoy coffee, a lot. I also have a pet cat named Tipsy. Since starting my journey I have lost over10 kgs the healthy way. 2014 Miss Humanity Australia national finalist. Jnr Ambassador for Artist's for Orphan's non-profit organisation. Instagram: @katemartinau

SW: 67kg | CW: 54kg | GW: Fit


Your dreams require work. They require you to sacrifice some of things you want ‘now’, so you can enjoy YOUR life the way you want it to be later. At the end of the day, we are all just searching for our own peace of mind, so we can be happy and live congruently, by the values we were brought up to believe in. You can win, and you can beat whatever monsters you feel that are standing in your way.

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Only two more days of work and another 3 day weekend! Wooo!

Rainy days in Melbourne today.

500+ cals gone thanks to Fitness First treadmills! Ah I love cardio.

Weight: 54.20kg

off to the gym for some heart pumpin’ car-dio. yuh!

coffee ☕️